Taking stock of national climate action for forests: 2021 NYDF Assessment report


The original aim of Goal 7 of New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) has been met: the Paris Agreement confirms forests’ pivotal role in the international climate agenda. But at a time when the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of forests have never been more urgent, global forest loss is in a worrying upward trend.  

It is still too early to assess countries' progress on their commitments under the Paris Agreement because countries will only report the status of NDC implementation few years from now. In the meantime, we take stock of governments' existing domestic efforts and policies, and offer recommendations on what governments can do to accelerate forest-based mitigation outcomes.

The 2021 NYDF Assessment report on Goal 7 looks into three aspects of government efforts:

  • The ambition of countries in terms of their forest climate pledges;
  • The level of investment governments channel into forest climate mitigation activities;
  • The progress on the implementation of strategies to advance forest goals at the national level.

We outline recommendations on what governments can do in each of these three aspects.

Sanggeet Mithra