INAS: Inspired by Nature-based Actions and Solutions

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INAS showcases Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for policymakers, practitioners, and local communities. NbS are actions for effectively and adaptively addressing various societal issues through functions of nature to achieve societies in harmony with nature. NbS encompass ecosystem-based approaches and green infrastructure, which have been developed over the past few decades and are expected to be used as an integrated approach to deal with various issues. The name of this website, INAS, means “skillfully dealing with external forces such as natural disasters proactively and responsively” in Japanese. This is in line with the fundamental values of NbS, which aim to flexibly address various societal issues, including climate change, through traditional and modern solutions that are rooted in the culture and climate of each region. This website provides concrete examples of NbS so that users can see NbS as one of the options for their own activities.