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The oceans have been warming globally for the past 50 years, and since the early 1990s they have been warming about twice as fast as before that time. Ocean warming and associated environmental changes are projected to continue over the century, leading to more severe extreme weather events and an increased risk of coastal disasters such as storm...
INAS showcases Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for policymakers, practitioners, and local communities. NbS are actions for effectively and adaptively addressing various societal issues through functions of nature to achieve societies in harmony with nature. NbS encompass ecosystem-based approaches and green infrastructure, which have been developed...
This short course on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) is designed to help local officers in vulnerable countries to learn how to integrate NbS into policy/financing processes addressing various challenges, including climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. The course contains three lessons: Lesson 1 broadly introduces the concept of NbS...
国連気候変動枠組条約第 26 回締約国会議(COP26)が 11 月 1 日から 11 月 12 日までの日程で開催さ れる。本稿では、世界的な関心の高まりから COP26 においても注目されている「自然を活用した解決 策(Nature-based Solutions: NbS)」についてその概要とポイントを説明していく。NbSの基礎情報と国際動向を伝え、COP26 における議論をよりよく理解していただくことを目的として執筆したものである。
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With the increasing spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions on public life were strengthened across the world. Non-pharmaceutical interventions like stay-at-home orders, cancellations of events, work from home, etc. are the first line of defense to combat the spread of highly transmittable infections like Covid-19. But these interventions...