Building resilience to compound and cascading disaster risks

The Joint Message on the Synergy between Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction by the Japanese government calls for integrated approaches for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in this era of climate crisis. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also a growing need to address cascading and compound effects of pandemic and disasters by considering system-wide impacts.

This e-learning course targets local/national government officers and will help them develop the capacity to implement specific measures to build resilience against compound and cascading disasters such as infectious diseases like COVID-19 and climate -induced disasters. Step by step, this course will teach you measures that resilient communities can successfully apply to prepare, respond and recover when hazards of compound or cascading nature strikes simultaneously or successively.

The course is organized into four chronological lessons, taking you from beginning to end, step by step, covering all you need to do to strengthen resilience against multi-hazards. It is recommended that you work through the videos of this course in chronological order.

  • Lesson 1: Compound and cascading disaster risks. What are they?
  • Lesson 2: Six steps of disaster risk assessment
  • Lesson 3: Designing resilience enhancing measures
  • Lesson 4: Adaptive implementation framework