Adopting a transboundary risk management paradigm in a world of multi-hazard risks

Event: APRU 2024 Multi-hazard Workshop: All-Hazards Approach (AHA) / Science and Technology for DRR IRIDeS, Tohoku University
Date: 14-16 March 2024
TBR All hazards approach

In a globalized world, disaster impacts seldom remain within political boundaries but often spill over beyond national boundaries. These transboundary risks bring an added complexity to the way the multi-hazard risks impact society. Until now, most risk assessments are focused within one’s political boundaries, and that worked with limited effectiveness. Without considering the transboundary aspects of risks, any multi-hazard risk assessments will result in the underestimation of risks, and lead to the identification of ineffective and insufficient solutions, resulting in failures in risk reduction. This presentation shows how the transboundary climate risks compound the disasters and risks over space and time dimensions and the need to consider a regional risk reduction planning paradigm.