Linkages between the JCM and SDGs

Event: JCM Global Partnership meeting
Date: February 17-19 2021
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This presentation was given at the JCM Global Partnership meeting on Feb 17-19 2021. It provides the sustainable development under Art 6 and JCM; linkages between the JCM and SDGs; and future potential contributions to the achievement of SDGs. In addition, it briefly explains JCM potentials to the COVID-19 recovery plan in the partner countries. The following key points are highlighted:
1. The JCM links with not only environmental and economic SDGs but also the social dimensions of the SDG Goals and Targets (Goal 2, 3, and 4)
2. Implementing JCM projects in different sectors would increase its linkages to more diverse SDGs (e.g. Introduction of solar PV in agriculture sector)
3. Future potentials: Implementing JCM projects in essential sectors can support countries' recovery from COVID-19