JCM partner countries’ readiness for Article 6 reporting


Presented at the JCM Global Partnership meeting from Feb 27-29 2024, this presentation shares the findings from a conducted questionnaire aimed at assessing the readiness of JCM partner countries for Article 6 reporting, particularly on submission of initial reports in 2024. 

key insights drawn from the analysis include:

  1. Initial Report Submission in 2024: More than half of the JCM partner countries are actively preparing for their initial report submission in 2024. However, there's another half still undecided, indicating a need for more directed support to bring all up to speed.
  2. The Core Areas Requiring Support: The findings revealed critical areas, such as the method of corresponding adjustment, authorization and tracking arrangements, underscoring the importance of tailored capacity-building support to address these specific needs.
  3. Leveraging Readiness Disparities: The variance in readiness levels across JCM partner countries unveils unique opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. Such collaborative efforts are instrumental in not only bolstering capacities but also in strengthening the network of JCM partner countries.