market mechanism

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Presented at the JCM Global Partnership meeting from Feb 27-29 2024, this presentation shares the findings from a conducted questionnaire aimed at assessing the readiness of JCM partner countries for Article 6 reporting, particularly on submission of initial reports in 2024. key insights drawn from the analysis include: Initial Report Submission in...
The presentation was given at the Mutual Learning Program for Enhanced Transparency (MLP) Kick off meetings between Kenya, Laos and Cambodia. It describes the Article 6.2 participation responsibilities, methods for corresponding adjustments and summarizes an overview of the reporting requirements under Article 6.2.
Countries need to update and enhance their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) every five years to achieve the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement (PA). Article 6 market mechanisms under the PA allow countries to utilize internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs) toward their NDC targets. We are seeing a growing trend of...