FY 2018 City-to-City Collaboration for Low-Carbon Society (Project to Create a Low-Carbon Society in Davao City through Support for the Development of a Local Climate Change Action Plan) Report


This project has been designed to provide support for the formulation of the LCCAP based on a request from Davao City under C2C cooperation between Kitakyushu and Davao. Concrete mitigation measures are positioned in this action plan and the use of the financing programme for JCM model projects is being considered as a resource to implement mitigation measures. Specific areas of support are as follows. Each area will be described in detail below.

1) Support for the formulation of the LCCAP promoted by Davao City
 - Support for the development of a GHG inventory
 - Support for examining mitigation measures
 - Support for considering adaptation measures
2) Studies on the possible application of JCM model projects for waste-to-energy projects promoted by Davao City
3) Potential for the implementation of other low-carbon development projects in Davao City