Climate change and SDG synergies and trade-offs: Interlinkage perspective

Event: Thematic Track 3: IGES Contributions to “Climate and SDGs Synergy” at the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2022
Date: 29 November 2022
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Due to the overlapping nature of SDG and climate actions, a clearer understanding of the interlinkages is needed to integrate these two agendas. As these interlinkages are very specific to the local context, engaging with stakeholders can help design the integrated approach at the local level by considering the socio-economic and biophysical characteristics, and priorities/challenges facing the region within broader national development plans. An IGES study conducted a case study at subnational level in Indonesia to This presentation provides the results of a stakeholder consultation-based IGES case study at subnational level in Indonesia to raise awareness and co-generate knowledge on climate change and SDG linkages. This presentation shares the results and lessons learned from the case study.