stakeholder engagement

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本稿は,ガーナ,インドネシア,ベトナムの3 カ国でプラスチック汚染対策のためのステークホ ルダー協働の制度化に,「中心的なアクター」と しての役割を果たしたと考えられるナショナル・ プラスチック・アクション・パートナーシップ (NPAP)について,著者らが実施した調査・分析 に基づいている(Asokan et al., 2023).NPAPは, 世界経済フォーラムのイニシアティブであるグ ローバル・プラスチック・アクション・パート ナーシップ(GPAP)の一環として各国単位で形成 されたイニシアティブである.本研究の目的は, このNPAPの事例を通じて,プラスチック汚染対 策のステークホルダー協働の仕組みについて分析 し,現在合意に向けた交渉が行われているプラス...
LoCARNet 11th Annual Meeting
The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report highlighted the critical connections between climate actions and sustainable development, including both synergies and trade-offs. Managing the trade-offs through policy design is strongly recommended and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are proposed as a basis for evaluating climate actions in the context...
Thematic Track 3: IGES Contributions to “Climate and SDGs Synergy” at the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2022
Due to the overlapping nature of SDG and climate actions, a clearer understanding of the interlinkages is needed to integrate these two agendas. As these interlinkages are very specific to the local context, engaging with stakeholders can help design the integrated approach at the local level by considering the socio-economic and biophysical...
The 2nd Webinar on Introduction of Japanese Environmental Technologies in India
The presentation focuses on financing MSMEs in India. It provides a few recommendations to strengthen the Japan-Indian Technology Matchmaking Platform, established by IGES and TERI, to promote MSMEs' access to sustainable/green finance.
In Japan, over 460 municipalities, so-called “Zero Carbon Cities” along with the national government have committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050. It aims to create ”domino effect”, in which the best performing Zero Carbon Cities knock down other municipalities to turn the whole country to be carbon neutral. Goto City, a...