IGES Support activity for Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF)

Based on the Paris Agreement’s enhanced transparency framework (ETF), countries regularly provide information on their progress with national climate actions. IGES supports full implementation of the ETF by all countries, especially in Asia. This webpage introduces IGES activities on ETF, such as the Mutual Learning Program for Enhanced Transparency (MLP), among other capacity building activities, and also links to relevant research papers and databases.

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Biennial Update Report (BUR) Database
IGES Biennial Update Report (BUR) Database

Learn about ETF

Learn about ETF

What is the ETF?

The Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) was established under Article 13 of the Paris Agreement (PA) and requires all Parties to report their climate actions and support toward implementing and achieving their Nationally ...

Researcher’s perspectives

Why should we care about the ETF?

The ETF is crucial for tracking the progress of implementing and achieving NDCs and for holding countries accountable for what they have pledged on their NDCs. BTRs are key national-level climate reports submitted under the PA for reporting how countries are implementing climate actions toward their pledged emission reduction targets. BTRs can also serve as the basis for countries to identify additional actions and support needed for implementing the NDCs.

Why is capacity building needed for ETF implementation?

The enhanced reporting requirements for BTRs are challenging for many developing countries. Although the ETF includes specific flexibilities for the developing country Parties that need flexibility in the light of their capacities, those countries still need capacity building and support for preparing and submitting their BTRs. Therefore, enhancing their capacity at the technical and institutional levels is essential to prepare their BTR and for the successful implementation of the ETF.

Source: Tamura, Suzuki and Yoshino. (2016).  https://www.iges.or.jp/jp/pub/wp1605/en

International Collaboration

IGES and UNEP-CCC implementing the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) will join forces to implement the MLP (see the CBIT’s transparency platform, here)

Related Projects

Updated: 2024年1月


国連気候変動枠組条約第28回締約国会議(UNFCCC COP28)が11月30日からアラブ首長国連邦(UAE)・ドバイで開催されます。本特集ページでは、COP28に先立ち、IGESが関与する気候変動交渉やCOP28関連イベントの情報をお伝えするほか、IGES研究員がCOP28の焦点となるトピックを解説します。また、IGESの関連出版物やCOP28開催期間中のサイドイベント情報も随時更新していきます。
Updated: 2023年11月


2021年11月に英国・グラスゴーで開催された国連気候変動枠組条約第26回締約国会議(COP26)で、ついにパリ協定のルールブックが完成しました。「行動」の段階に入った2022年以降、各国は合意されたルールに則り、パリ協定の目標達成に向けてさらに野心的な行動を取ることが求められます。そこで注目されるのが、この目標の世界全体の進捗状況を評価する仕組み、「グローバル・ストックテイク(Global Stocktake: GST)」です。2021年11月から2023年11月にかけて実施される第1回GST