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Working Paper

In the net-zero context, technology transfer plays a critical role in achieving the emission reduction and meeting the climate mitigation goals of countries. However, the extent of penetration of transferred technologies and their respective mitigation potential will depend on the scale of transfer among the source and recipient countries.


Workshop on COP 27 Article 6 update and its implication on JCM implementation

The presetation was given at the workshop on COP 27 Article 6 update and its implication on JCM implementation in Mongolia. It explains participating requirements for Article 6.2 cooperative approaches and necesary domestic arrangements for countries to fully participate in and utilize Article 6. 

UNFCCC side event at the COP27 “Sharing best practices and lessons learned from capacity building for implementation of Article 6”

The presentation was given at the COP 27 official side event on "Sharing best practices and lessons learned from capacity building for implementation of Article 6". It shows our capacity building activities for Article 6.2 reporting - mutual learning program for enhanced transparency (MLP), and explains key findings from MLP discussion and lessons...

The 11th Congress of the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics

This presentation was given at the 11th congress of the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, which was held on August 19-20, 2022. In spite of a much wider scope of the submitted paper for this conference, the presentation solely focuses on the Chinese national emissions trading scheme (ETS) to avoid the overlap with the other...

Non Peer-reviewed Article
In Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor

Today the global demand for cleaner technologies has been growing significantly, in order to help countries meet Paris climate goals and carbon neutrality targets. However, developing economies, many of which are vulnerable to adverse climate impacts, continue to face critical challenges in terms of availability, accessibility, affordability and...

Issue Brief

The long-standing relationship between Japan and India forms a favourable precursor for the countries to collaborate further under the Article 6 mechanisms of the Paris Agreement. While Japan’s support to India for promoting low-carbon technology and clean energy use can help minimise carbon emissions, the partnership will in turn give greater...

Working Paper

This paper provides an overview of progress on carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes (ETS) and voluntary carbon crediting mechanisms in Asia, identifying relevant policy gaps and giving suggestions based on the lessons and experiences with pertinent policy practices in this region. Overall, carbon pricing practices in Asia are still at an early...

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Commissioned Report


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