Proposed Network of Training Institutions on Climate Change Adaptation Meeting

Proposed Network of Training Institutions on Climate Change Adaptation Meeting

Despite the region’s vulnerability to climate change, there is a serious lack of capacity in Asia for developing quality project proposals for climate change adaptation that can attract financing, which largely hinders implementation of Paris Agreement and the 2030 Development Agenda. Capacity building programmes are needed so that local stakeholders can design, implement and monitor Asian solutions for Asia’s climate change challenges, drawing on regional as well as global knowledge and experience, eventually achieving a move from policy to action. In particular, capacity building to access the increasing availability of climate finance with bankable projects and to select optimal technologies will be critical in the Asia-Pacific region. In January 2016, the Climate Change Asia initiative was launched at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with the aim of meeting these capacity building needs, yet this initiative is facing enormous challenges when attempting to scale up, and is unable to meet the overwhelming demand from the adaptation community in the region.

To facilitate scaling up of capacity building, a Network of Training Institutions is being proposed, with the overall goal to “assist countries to meet, and even surpass, the targets outlined in their NDCs by enhancing national capabilities to meet diverse but specific needs – technical, institutional, and policy related”. More specifically, a strong cadre of government officials, private sector managers, NGOs and other key actors would be trained on identifying and managing climate change responses and accessing the necessary financial and other resources to implement these responses, while climate change training capacity of institutions would be enhanced. The goal is to be achieved through three work programmes – knowledge enhancement, project development, and on-the-job mentoring.

With a common aim of enhancing adaptation actions in the region and under the support of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), a group of academics and practitioners working on climate change adaptation in Asia-Pacific region came together for a meeting on 21 March 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand to share their experiences in delivering capacity building programmes, and to explore actions to be taken for initiating the proposed Network of Training Institutions.