Guideline for Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Seafood Sector in Vietnam

English cover of Sustainable Seafood Guideline

The objective of this Guideline is to provide a systems approach to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the seafood sector in Vietnam that considers all stages of the production chain. SCP is conceived as a crucial framework for achieving the social and economic benefits, and minimizing the environmental burden, of Vietnam’s seafood sector. This Guideline will contribute to the development and implementation of policies to reorient and restructure the agricultural sector towards improved value-added production and sustainable development.

The Guideline aims to assist decision-makers in the seafood supply chain and policymakers who need to know how to sustainably source, manufacture and export seafood products and apply for certification schemes for eco-labels to improve the market recognition of their products. The Guideline will also help consumers and consumer groups to understand the consumption aspects of SCP in the seafood sector. This Guideline aims to provide the following: 

  1. A systems approach to the seafood supply chain, covering consumption and production 
  2. A more in-depth analysis of the Pangasius spp. fish sector to further illustrate the practical value of integrating SCP practices into the seafood supply chain in Vietnam
  3. Technical guidance on how to evaluate environmental degradation in the seafood processing stages and how to mitigate this negative impact
  4. Knowledge and potential solutions for sustainable consumption in the seafood sector