Addressing non-economic loss and damages (NELDs) associated with climate change with a special focus on extreme events

Event: Consultative Conference on 'Development of multi-hazard risk and loss and damage framework of HKH’,
Date: Dec 8-9, 2022, ICIMOD, Kathmandu
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The Hindu Kush Himalayan region is one of the highly significant mountainous regions that play a crucial role beyond its boundaries in terms of people's well-being by providing a range of ecosystem services. The HKH region is facing severe climate change impacts and adaptation in the region needs to take an approach that considers the multi-hazard context that the region has. Hence, developing multi-hazard risk assessments is the need of the hour and the region needs to develop them keeping in view the losses and damages that climate change brings to the region. While there has been significant work on the economic losses and damages, the non-economic losses and damages (NELDs) need to be well understood and incorporated into the risk assessments. This presentation provides deep insights into the NELDs by describing the results from two case studies conducted in Japan and Bangladesh.