Loss and Damage

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Making Cities Resilient 2030 Webinar

Avoiding disasters is an interesting and helpful idea to understand where we have made progress in risk reduction and where we can make further inroads. This presentation looks at the idea of avoiding disasters deeply and discusses the needed approaches to quantify and bring evidence to the front. It proposes that while evidence on avoiding...

Consultative Conference on 'Development of multi-hazard risk and loss and damage framework of HKH’,

The Hindu Kush Himalayan region is one of the highly significant mountainous regions that play a crucial role beyond its boundaries in terms of people's well-being by providing a range of ecosystem services. The HKH region is facing severe climate change impacts and adaptation in the region needs to take an approach that considers the multi-hazard...

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability所収
R. Shaw, Y. Luo, T. Sung Cheong, S. A. Halim, S. Chaturvedi, M. Hashizume, G. E. Insarov, Y. Ishikawa, M. Jafari, A. Kitoh, J. Pulhin
et al.

Observed surface air temperature has increased in the 20th century all over Asia (high confidence1). Asian countries are experiencing a hotter summer climate, resulting in an increase in energy demand for cooling at a rapid rate, together with population growth (high confidence). A decrease in precipitation influences energy demand as well, as...




 2020年以降の気候変動対策を定めたパリ協定において 、適応は緩和に並ぶ気候変動対策の柱として位置づけられている。2021年11月に開催される国連気候変動枠組条約第26回締約国会議(COP26)の議長国である英国は、適応分野への取組を重要課題として位置づけ、COP26を通じた適応の国際モメンタムをけん引している。本稿では、COP26における適応関連の議論のポイントを整理するとともに、英国政府が主導で推進する4つの適応に関連する国際イニシアティブについて解説し、国際的な適応の動きについて包括的な情報の整理を試みる。

Climate change adaptation is positioned as a pillar of the Paris Agreement along with...