non-economic loss and damage

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Linking Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Loss & Damage所収
Loss and damages (L&D) caused by climate change have become important in international and national discussions. However, the least understood and addressed aspect of L&D is non-economic loss and damages (NELDs). This paper highlights the importance of identifying appropriate NELD indicators and practices to help mitigate them. The findings suggest...
COP28 side event ‘Dealing with Loss and Damage'
Just like adaptation, L&D has grown into an extensive science and policy area and things are very complicated even for the researchers to take a stock of it and to provide solutions. A large part of this confusion is coming from the disjoint between the global negotiations and at the national level. While at the ground level, most L&D solutions are...
Adaptation Gap Report 2023: Underfinanced. Underprepared. Inadequate investment and planning on climate adaptation leaves world exposed所収
Emily Boyd; Adelle Thomas; Kees van der Geest; Lisa Vanhala;
Jon Barnett; Raju Pandit Chhetri
▶ In the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), loss and damage has emerged as a third key pillar of climate policy, alongside mitigation and adaptation, to address ever-increasing climate impacts in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effect of climate change. ▶ Losses and damages arise...
Consultative Conference on 'Development of multi-hazard risk and loss and damage framework of HKH’,
The Hindu Kush Himalayan region is one of the highly significant mountainous regions that play a crucial role beyond its boundaries in terms of people's well-being by providing a range of ecosystem services. The HKH region is facing severe climate change impacts and adaptation in the region needs to take an approach that considers the multi-hazard...