IGES CDM Project Database

Version: 13.4
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IGES CDM Project Database aims at providing information to be utilized for research and analysis on the process of CDM project development, credit issuance, and the status of its procedures. The information of relevant items are extracted from the publicly available sources on the UNFCCC web-site. The UNFCCC Secretariat and IGES have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the exchange of CDM data in May 2008 and are continuously collaborating with data exchange and analysis.

This database is freely available for use.
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (2023), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Database, version 13.4. Available at: https://pub.iges.or.jp/pub/iges-cdm-project-database
All copyrights are reserved. The source must be clearly stated when this database is reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means.


Addition of 87 new and updated projects (2 VA, 2 RDs including 2 PROVs, 25 RD2s including 25 PROVs, 15 RD3s including 15 PROVs, 1 CC, 1 RJ and 41 VTs).