IGES CDM Monitoring and Issuance Database

Version: 9.1
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IGES CDM Monitoring and Issuance Database aims at providing comprehensive, organised information on the CDM projects registered by UNFCCC EB. The listed information helps users to organise the results of the CER issuance procedures for project activities after monitoring. All the information is extracted from publicly available sources on the UNFCCC web-site and some categories are added by the editor for easy reference.

This database is freely available for use.
Recommended citation: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (2023), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Monitoring and Issuance Database, version 9.1. Available at: https://pub.iges.or.jp/pub/iges-cdm-monitoring-and-issuance-database
All copyrights are reserved. The source must be clearly stated when this database is reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means.


New in the version 9.1 (available data until 16 February 2024):
• Addition of 91 newly published monitoring reports
• Addition of 65 new issued monitoring reports