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IRES Vol.7 No.1所収
The high cost of renewable energy technologies and uncompetitive prices of power from renewable sources under present market conditions are among the factors impeding a necessary shift away from fossil fuels. This research examines policy options that could help to overcome these obstacles, focusing on two driving factors: the policy framework and...
IGES Whitepaper "jizoku kano na ajia: 2005 ikou no tenbou - kakushinteki seisaku wo mezashite" Chapter 5所収
Remarks: IGES白書 持続可能なアジア: 2005年以降の展望 −革新的政策を目指してー 第5章
Journal of Environmental Information Science所収
This article is based on the result of a questionnaire survey conducted between May and June 2003. The target respondents were environmental professionals in national governments, local governments, NGOs, businesses, international organisations and research institutes (including Universities) in Asia. Valid responses totalled 134, from 15 countries...
IRES Vol.4 No.2所収
Since 1999/2000, the Asia-Pacific region has been experiencing a boom in regional and bilateral free trade agreements, with the result that trade regimes are increasingly taking place in the context of FTAs and regional economic integration. Consequently, many of the key issues in the ever-growing interface between trade and environment have...
IRES Vol.4 No.2所収
Akanksha Chaurey
N. Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu
Development of markets for, and large-scale use of, renewable energy products and technologies have been hindered by their high up-front capital costs; the renewable energy industry's inadequate access to credit; subsidies for fossil fuels; and low purchasing capacity among potential consumers. While conventional funding and financial instruments...
International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 3 Number 1 (Summer 2002)所収
A decade after the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the landscape of domestic and international finance for sustainable development displays a mixed picture in the Asia and Pacific region. In a large number of countries, domestic resources have not been able to meet the...