Harmonizing Trade and Environment in Recent Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific Region

In IRES Vol.4 No.2
Peer-reviewed Article
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Since 1999/2000, the Asia-Pacific region has been experiencing a boom in regional and bilateral free trade agreements, with the result that trade regimes are increasingly taking place in the context of FTAs and regional economic integration. Consequently, many of the key issues in the ever-growing interface between trade and environment have surfaced and need to be addressed at the level of these bilateral and regional trade agreements. This paper reviews approaches to the integration of trade and environment in recent free-trade agreements concluded in the Asia-Pacific region, with a view to identifying substantive provisions and procedural and institutional mechanisms that have been used. In addition, the paper looks at the extent to which the approach to trade and environment in Asia-Pacific free trade agreements differs from or follows that under the World Trade Organization.


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