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Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management所収
Adaptation to climate change is critical to minimize the impacts of changing climate. However, owing to the lack of appropriate metrics for adaptation, the progress in adaption has been rather slow compared with the mitigation actions that have clear metrics for greenhouse gas emissions. To develop adaptation metrics, it is critical to consider the...
Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia所収
Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change and main-streaming climate change adaptation considerations at the sectoral level is paramount. The current available climate projections are not sufficient to take decisive actions on the ground. Hence, a framework is required for mainstreaming adaptation concerns at sectoral...
Final report to the World Bank Contract No 7145543
Adaptation metrics may be defined as quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative measures for monitoring the effectiveness of adaptation actions. Research on adaptation metrics has been very limited, despite an urgent need from diverse stakeholders ranging from governments to donor agencies to implementing organizations. Adaptation metrics are...
IGES Briefing Notes on the Post-2012 Climate Regime
This Briefing Notes suggests that adaptation costs are going to be huge in Asia as elsewhere. Hence, a mix of pubic and private funding is to be promoted in the future climate regime. The negotiations should aim at achieving additional and sustainable finances for adaptation with developing countries having larger stakes in its management and...
This IGES brief is based on the outcomes of our consultations on post-2012 climate regime and pertinent literature review. The brief suggests that the future climate regime should create incentives to promote only those biofuel projects and programs that provide net positive energy, environment, and developmental benefits; institute necessary...
Disaster management: Global challenges and local solutions所収
This chapter is an attempt to link the disaster risk reduction and decision making under uncertainty. It is aimed at the disaster risk reduction personnel who are beginning to understand the linkages with climate change. Since this chapter is meant for a book that largely deals with disaster risk reduction and not climate change, the chapter starts...