Work Plan for Reduction of SLCPs from Municipal Solid Waste Management in Medan City, Indonesia: 2019 - 2025

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This Work Plan provides comprehensive and up-to-date analysis on the status, challenges and opportunities of waste management in Medan City, including relevant regulations and policies, administrative structure, waste management cost, waste quality and quantity, waste collection, 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and final disposal. Based on such findings and the results of a series of consultation workshops held with relevant stakeholders, a set of new targets was suggested. They were made consistent with the national target set force by the Presidential Regulation No. 97/2017 on National Policy and Strategy on Management of Household Waste and Waste Similar to Household Waste to achieve 30% waste reduction and 70% waste treatment by 2025. In order to achieve those targets, the Work Plan suggests focusing on six specific areas, and detailed activities were proposed under each strategic goal. The Work Plan also shows strategies and a path toward achieving the targets as well as providing key performance indicators to monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation.