Mutual Learning Program for Enhanced Transparency (MLP)

Event: UNFCCC first regional informal meeting of Group of Friends on the MRV/Transparency framework for developing countries Asia-Pacific
Date: December 7, 2021
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This presentations introduces a Mutual Learning Program for Enhanced Transparency, which Institute for Global Environmental Strategies is implementing with support from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. By making a pair of countries, this program aims to support countries and organizations in learning and practising reporting of climate actions over 7-month period or longer. The program’s current objectives are to understand how to apply the reporting guidance under the Paris Agreement, explore improvement areas of next reports, including the first biennial transparency report (BTR), and strengthen a network of institutions and individuals on working on BTRs. In 2021, eight organizations from five countries (Chile, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand) participated in the program and worked on topics of Article 6.2 reporting and reporting of mitigation actions under Article 13.