urban areas

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Inspired by Nature-based solutions and actions
Urban rivers in Singapore are surrounded by concrete embankments and riverbeds that degrade the natural ecosystem and ecosystem services. The Singapore government has taken up several initiatives to restore the urban environment and the ABC program is a significant one among them. Many factors have played a role in the success of the ABC program...
Inspired by Nature-based solutions and actions
The city of Delhi is facing an overall deterioration of its urban environment due to rapid groundwater abstraction and air pollution, leading to various health issues. The city of Delhi is rapidly expanding as more and more people are migrating to the city for better livelihoods and quality of life. Delhi expanded by 457 sq km during 1989–2014 and...
Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability所収
R. Shaw, Y. Luo, T. Sung Cheong, S. A. Halim, S. Chaturvedi, M. Hashizume, G. E. Insarov, Y. Ishikawa, M. Jafari, A. Kitoh, J. Pulhin
et al.
Observed surface air temperature has increased in the 20th century all over Asia (high confidence1). Asian countries are experiencing a hotter summer climate, resulting in an increase in energy demand for cooling at a rapid rate, together with population growth (high confidence). A decrease in precipitation influences energy demand as well, as...