Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters - Singapore

Inspired by Nature-based solutions and actions
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Urban rivers in Singapore are surrounded by concrete embankments and riverbeds that degrade the natural ecosystem and ecosystem services. The Singapore government has taken up several initiatives to restore the urban environment and the ABC program is a significant one among them. Many factors have played a role in the success of the ABC program, including the constant support and commitment provided by the national government, and the enhanced engagement of the people in the implementation of the program, e.g., by appreciating the recreational value provided by the ecological engineering. Clear and actionable guidelines were prepared by the Public Utilities Board that helped public projects adopt ABC design elements. In addition, the introduction of ABC Waters Certification provided developers with an opportunity for recognition and encouraged them to integrate the concept into their operations. Further, public and private organizations have been encouraged to incorporate ABC program features into their developments. This integrated approach with multi-sectoral involvement has further enhanced the project's achievements.