Assessment of climate change related loss and damage on mangrove ecosystem: a case study in Ca Mau, Vietnam

Journal of Coastal Conservation所収
Volume (Issue): 28 (47)
Journal of Coastal Conservation

Globally, mangroves have been promoted to protect the coastal ecosystems and human settlements against weather vagaries including climate change impacts. However, climate change can also affect the mangrove ecosystems, affecting their ability to mitigate losses and damages caused by climate change. Recognizing the need to understand the impact of climate change on the ability of mangroves to mitigate loss and damage, this paper presents the impact of climate change on mangrove ecosystems in Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, Vietnam by using community-based methods. Results showed that the most noticeable impact of climate change is the loss in mangrove area, aquatic resources, and coastal erosion prevention. In addition, there is a decline in timber, firewood supply, and habitat of mangrove species. Despite adaptation actions taken by the local authorities and households, mangrove ecosystems are is still facing loss and damage. Solutions have been proposed to help the local and national authorities and communities to address losses and damages caused by the climate change.

Thang Trung Nguyen
Anh Ngoc Thi Nguyen