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Submission to Policy Process
Marie Supnet
Marie Lukban
Marie David

In response to the call for inputs to the third technical dialogue of the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement, this submission intends to present an approach for non-state actors (NSAs) to engage with the implementation of the Global Stocktake (GST). It builds on the voices of NSAs collected through an initiative called “iGST Southeast...

Translation of non-IGES Material
United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]

国連環境計画(UNEP)が発表した「Emissions Gap Report 2022: The Closing Window - Climate crisis calls for rapid transformation of societies - Executive Summary」の日本語翻訳版(暫定非公式訳)。2030年までの排出ギャップ、すなわち約束された排出削減量とパリ協定の気温目標達成に必要な排出削減量とのギャップを埋めるための行動の進捗は、国連気候変動枠組条約第26回締約国会議(COP26)以降、非常に限定的であるとして、広範かつ大規模な、そして迅速な変革を経済全体で進める必要性を強調し、電力供給、産業、運輸...

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Issue Brief
  • The economic disruptions from the Ukraine war have intensified short term concerns about energy and food security, as well as access to critical minerals. Climate security is also increasingly urgent. This paper urges governments to speed up, not slow down, transitions away from fossil fuels and toward more sustainable development patterns. The war...
Commentary (Op. Ed)
Nikkei Asia

The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change contains a mechanism, known as the Global Stocktake (GST), to collectively assess progress toward meeting its long-term goals for climate mitigation, adaptation and finance every five years. The outcomes of the GST then are to update their nationally determined contributions to the accord's goals based on...

Non Peer-reviewed Article
In Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor

Today the global demand for cleaner technologies has been growing significantly, in order to help countries meet Paris climate goals and carbon neutrality targets. However, developing economies, many of which are vulnerable to adverse climate impacts, continue to face critical challenges in terms of availability, accessibility, affordability and...

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Issue Brief

The long-standing relationship between Japan and India forms a favourable precursor for the countries to collaborate further under the Article 6 mechanisms of the Paris Agreement. While Japan’s support to India for promoting low-carbon technology and clean energy use can help minimise carbon emissions, the partnership will in turn give greater...

Working Paper


Briefing Note

電力部門でのトランジション・ファイナンスを普及に向けて「電力分野のトランジション・ロードマップ」が策定された。しかし、国際資本市場協会(ICMA)の開示原則に照らしてみると、同ロードマップには、1.5℃目標達成に貢献し、市場関係者からの信認を得るために克服しなければならない政策的課題(政策文書を科学的根拠として例示; 2030年以降の技術を偏重; 実現可能性の評価が困難; 炭素クレジットの扱い)が浮き彫りとなった。これらの課題に対応するために、国レベルでの1.5℃目標と整合する科学的根拠のあるトランジション戦略の策定、電力分野のトランジション・ロードマップの改善、発電会社のトランジション戦略の改善、金融機関・機関投資家の能力向上を各関係者が努めていくことが重要である。

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Updated: November 2022

IGES Activity on UNFCCC COP27

27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from 6 November to 18 November. On this special webpage, you will find information on side events during COP27, as well as explanatory articles and related

Updated: March 2023

Net-zero: Towards 1.5°C Goal

In 2021, Japan announced its Green Growth Strategy, setting out a roadmap for key technologies in line with its commitment on carbon neutrality by 2050. Japan has embarked on several initiatives on transformative technology in key sectors, with the a

Updated: December 2021

IGES Activity on UNFCCC COP26

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is scheduled to be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom between 31 October and 12 November. On this special webpage, you will find information on side events during COP26, as well as explanato