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Biodiversity in the G7 communiques

This presentation was a summary of the content of the G7 Sapporo Environment Ministers' Communique and subsequent Hiroshima Leaders' Communique, with a specific focus on biodiversity. The slides present the Sapporo paragraphs, while the presentation went into detail about the degree to which they made their way through to the Hiroshima communique...


This presentation set the scene for a 90 minute webinar that consisted mostly of discussion and Q&A. The presentation was an overview of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). It also included some explanation about the Convention in Biological Diversity (CBD), which adopted the GBF; the meetings of the Conference of the Parties...

Commissioned Report

2023 年のG7サミットは、日本が議長国を務め、2023 年5月に広島で開催することが決定している。また、サミットの開催に合わせ、様々なG7関係閣僚会合が開催される予定であり、北海道札幌市において、環境省が経済産業省とともに、気候・エネルギー・環境大臣会合(開催予定日:2023 年4月15 日(土)~16 日(日))を開催する。本大臣会合に先立ち、令和5年1月から準備会合が開催された。

Commissioned Report

In China, the verification of the legality of procured wood has mainly been voluntary, with businesses exporting wood products to Europe and the U.S. conducting their own checks. However, since the revision of the Forest Law in 2019, the procurement, processing, and transportation of clearly illegally harvested wood is now prohibited, and violators...

Commissioned Report


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生物多様性及び生態系サービスに関する政府間科学政策プラットフォーム(IPBES:Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)は、生物多様性と生態系サービスに関する動向を科学的に評価し、科学と政策のつながりを強化する政府間のプラットフォームとして、2012年4月に設立された政府間組織で、事務局はドイツのボンに置かれています。本パンフレットはIPBESの機能、組織体制、作業計画や概念枠組、ならびに実施中及び計画中のアセスメントの概要等について説明しています。

Conference Proceeding
Understanding and Addressing Systemic Risks Behind the Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Japan and India: Developing a Roadmap for a Resilient and Sustainable Future
Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati (IIT-T)

These proceedings pertain to the JSPS-ICSSR seminar entitled ‘Understanding and Addressing Systemic Risks Behind the Socio-economic Impacts of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Japan and India: Developing a Roadmap for a Resilient and Sustainable Future’. Led by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Indian Institute...

Briefing Note

In 2020, IGES and others reported that the United Nations’ Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its accompanying Aichi Biodiversity Targets would be replaced by a new framework to guide biodiversity planning at the national level. This framework, known as the post-2020 global biodiversity framework (GBF), was due to be proposed for...

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Updated: September 2023

G20 (2023) Special webpage

In September, the G20 Summit will convene in New Delhi, India. The world is now facing the simultaneous crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as tackling the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine over one year ago. To deal wi

Updated: July 2023

G7 (2023) Special webpage

The G7 Ministers' Meeting on Climate, Energy, and Environment was recently held in Sapporo, Japan, ahead of the G7 Hiroshima Summit on May 19-21. In this special issue, we provide in-depth coverage of the latest updates and insights from th

Updated: December 2022

CBD COP15 Special Webpage

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a multilateral environmental agreement on: (1) the conservation of biodiversity; (2) the sustainable use of the components of biological diversity; and (3) the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits

Updated: March 2022

About Sustainability… The IGES Podcast

About Sustainability… is a podcast presented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, featuring IGES staff and guests having in-depth discussions about sustainability-related topics.