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Commissioned Report
The Energy and Resources Institute India
SME sector in India offers considerable potential for reducing India’s GHG emissions through the introduction of low carbon technologies (LCTs). A business-to-business (B2B) model of technology cooperation, targeting Indian SMEs, has been successfully demonstrated by IGES and TERI through several joint projects (2010-2018). IGES and TERI propose to...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In 大阪大学工業会誌 TECHNO-NET
Conference Paper
Ananda Mohan
The electric CO2 water source heat pumps (EHP) generate hot water and cold water simultaneously using the trans-critical cycle of the natural refrigerant CO2. Since their introduction in 2001, EHP were regarded as the next generation of low carbon technologies. The results from piloting EHP at two diary plants, one in Anand, Gujarat and other in...
Conference Paper
Rudhi Sundar
The Government of India has set targets to reduce 85% of the use of Hydrofluoro Carbons (HFC) by 2047 (over the 2024-2026 average levels). Based on onsite visits to randomly selected seafood processing plants and cold storages in Andhra Pradesh State, India, the authors found that more than 70% of them use reciprocating compressors based on HFC...
Working Paper
Although Japan and India have long considered the possibility of establishing the JCM as has been stipulated in joint statements between these two countries, an official bilateral document to start the JCM has not yet been signed. The JCM is one of the market-based mechanisms which involves Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs)...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development (JREAD)
This paper details the efforts made by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), under their Japan–India collaborative projects, to promote low carbon technologies (LCT) among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India. The empirical evidence gathered during the projects show that three...
Technical Report
This technical report is related to the Feasibility Study (FS) on the potential application of Japanese low carbon technologies, namely compressed air system which was conducted in India in FY2018 under the Japan-India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP), specifically as part of the activities the project on evaluation and verification of CO2...
Commissioned Report
This report summarized basic surveys and activities regarding; 1) Promotion of the low carbon and energy saving technology transfer in India, as well as enhancement of exchanges between Hyogo prefectural government (Japan) and Gujarat state (India) based on the MoU concluded in 2016 2) Approach and efforts for the establishment of Regional Circular...
Commissioned Report
エネルギー対策特別会計を用いた海外でのCO2排出削減事業の効果測定、優先順位付け等に貢献することを目的に、以下の業務を実施した。 (1)海外のCO2排出削減事業の事業実施後におけるCO2削減効果の検証として、JCMスキームが実績を重ねつつある状況において、JCMスキームが優れた低炭素技術の導入にいかに貢献するか評価するために、現状におけるJCMスキームの優位性の検討を、1)海外のCO2排出削減事業の事業実施後におけるCO2削減効果の検証、2)JCMスキ-ムを活用した低炭素技術の優位性の評価・検証、3)ケーススタディとの比較におけるJCMスキーム優位性の評価・検証にかかる調査を通じて行い、評価・検証のため、調査結果をまとめた。 (2)環境インフラ展開 にかかる調査として、1)基礎情報...
Conference Proceeding
World Sustainable Development Summit 2019
A Thematic Track Titled: Promoting Cleaner Technologies in SMEs was held on February 11, 2019 at the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2019 , New Delhi, India. It was also a part of the activities conducted in India in FY2018 under the project on evaluation and verification of CO2 emissions reduction technologies (TA project) funded by...
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