SDG Interlinkages Analysis & Visualisation Tool (V2.0)

Version: Version 2.0

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets interact with each other in an indivisible way. On the one hand, achieving one goal or target may contribute to achieving other goals or targets. For example, enhanced food security (Goal 2) will reinforce poverty eradication (Goal 1). On the other hand, the pursuit of one target may conflict with the achievement of another. For example, an increase in agricultural production to help end hunger (Goal 2) can result in an increase in water use which may compete with water demand for achieving universal access to drinking water (Goal 6). The SDGs and targets form a complicated network of interlinkages. Analysing the interlinkages can help minimise conflicts, avoid trade-offs and seek synergies for making achievements inclusively across all 17 SDG areas (see more on Methodology). The web tool, SDG Interlinkages Analysis & Visualisation (V2.0), enables users to visualise the interlinkages between SDG targets and explore indicator-level data for nine Asian countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines and Viet Nam). Users can make selection of countries, Goals and Targets to see the interlinkages between selected targets and others and explore time series data for selected indicators. In addition, the web tool enables users to compare indicator-specific data and target-specific interlinkages among countries. Provided for free, users can download the data in Excel tables as well as the visualisation charts in image files.