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Hydrogen in Decarbonization Strategies in Asia and the Pacific所収
This chapter explores the interest in hydrogen adoption across Asian countries for achieving net-zero goals, with a particular focus on Japan's prominent role. While Japan has taken strides in hydrogen initiatives, the extent to which its strategy aligns with ambitious climate targets remains uncertain. The chapter emphasises the importance of...
ADBI Working Paper Series
Japan has adopted several policies that signal its intent to rely on hydrogen to achieve net-zero climate goals. However, many of those same policies are unclear about its support for a transition to green hydrogen. Relying on gray and blue hydrogen without a transition to green hydrogen will harm the climate. It will also result in several other...
Marie Supnet
Marie Lukban
Marie David
In response to the call for inputs to the third technical dialogue of the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement, this submission intends to present an approach for non-state actors (NSAs) to engage with the implementation of the Global Stocktake (GST). It builds on the voices of NSAs collected through an initiative called “iGST Southeast...
This paper provides an overview of progress on carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes (ETS) and voluntary carbon crediting mechanisms in Asia, identifying relevant policy gaps and giving suggestions based on the lessons and experiences with pertinent policy practices in this region. Overall, carbon pricing practices in Asia are still at an early...
This is the final report of the Asia Parks Congress Preparation Support project, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan in FY2021. Based on the success of the first Asia Parks Congress held in Sendai in 2013, the second Asia Parks Congress (APC2) will be held in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia on May 24 th to 29 th 2022. The project...
Global Environmental Research所収
Ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in the Asia region is a high-priority policy issue but challenged by a number of obstacles and the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This article argues that not only conventional policy approaches but also alternative approaches are needed in Asia to decouple socio...
Waste Management & Research所収
Source separation plays a pivotal role in sustainable and integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) and in achieving a circular economy in Asia. However, it is still not an official practice, and many cities continue to utilise open dumping, involving receiving mixed waste without pre-treatment. This paper, therefore, examines the...
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets interact with each other in an indivisible way. On the one hand, achieving one goal or target may contribute to achieving other goals or targets. For example, enhanced food security (Goal 2) will reinforce poverty eradication (Goal 1). On the other hand, the pursuit of one target may conflict with...
This report is based on an IGES initiated research to assess embodied emissions in international trade, with a particular focus on Asian countries. Part I, conducted by the Economic Analysis Team of IGES, focuses on the assessment of emissions embodied in multilateral trade in Asian countries and different responsibility principles for the...