Perspective from timber importers from China to Japan on responsible timber harvest & trading

Event: 12th China Global Wood Trade Conference
Date: 2022/9/5
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  • Evidence of legal harvest is becoming necessary for all timber importers in Japan following the enactment of the Clean Wood Act in 2016.
  • Because of the complex supply chain with numerous players and the absence of TLAS, securement of the evidence for timber imported from China is generally considered challenging by Japanese importers.
  • However, some Japanese importers established collaborative relationships with their suppliers in China, able to collect the evidence for all the timber products from domestic and/or imported logs. They are willing to strengthen their relationship with their trusting partners.
  • Collaboration between log-producing countries and China to archive responsible timber trading along the Belt and Road and the implementation of Section 65 of the amended Forest Act are expected to facilitate timber trade from China to Japan with legal evidence and strengthen the partnership.