Mapping sustainable development indicators in IPCC’s global climate mitigation scenarios

Event: 第35回エネルギーシステム・経済・環境コンファレンス
Date: 29-30 January (Tokyo, Japan)

This study develops a map to identify SDGs and their targets within long term global scenarios of climate mitigation. This map is fundamental to analyse the alignment of climate goals with the SDGs, and the interactions with SDGs in long term scenarios. A methodology is proposed to identify and categorize the coverage and treatment of SDGs and their targets among the variables included in global scenarios from the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The outcomes show that these scenarios have a moderate coverage of the entire set of SDG targets, with a wider representation of indicators related to health (SDG3), sustainableenergy (SDG7), work and economic growth (SDG9), and to a limited extent on indicators related to poverty (SDG1), education (SDG4), cities and communities (SDG11), consumption and production (SDG12), and life on land (SDG15). To cover a wider rangeof targets, scenarios have to extend the scope of reported variables, improve the models producing such scenarios along with integration of tools from different disciplines.