Designing the Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines for the Enhanced Transparency Framework for Action under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change: How to Utilize the Framework for Broader Objectives beyond Transparency


This paper proposes various elements to be specified in the rule book: “Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines for the Transparency Framework” (MPG) of the Paris Agreement, focusing on mitigation, based on the past experience of the national reports and their reviews/ assessments.The underlying motivation is the concern that the current arrangements focus only on “transparency” and do not contribute to other purposes such fostering real actions. Therefore, this paper recommends to broaden the objective of the new “Transparency Framework” to focus not only on transparency but also to include other important elements to mitigate climate change. Specifically, this paper proposes 4 objectives of the Framework and 5 relevant means to achieve them for consideration at the upcoming negotiation process as part of agenda item 5 of the Ad-hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) for developing the ‘enhanced’ framework. These proposals also intend for the Framework to benefit all Parties’ own development objectives, and not just to promote transparency and climate change mitigation.