SCP Policy Landscape in the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Event: 1st CGP WS "Thinking through Sustainable Energy Tansitions in the US and Japan"
Date: June 14, 2022 (Washington DC, USA)
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Based on the S-16-3 Project, Hotta presented SCP Policy Landscape in the post COVID-19 Era.

In conclusion, he emphasized the following policy research needs for socio-economic transition to SCP.

(1) Envisioning concrete images of a society that has successfully met its mid-term and long-term goals,
(2) Policy support for learning from model cases, experimental projects and new businesses to achieve a long-term and mid-term vision,
(3) Facilitating creative processes among stakeholders and
(4) Examination of the social implications of innovation towards decarbonization, digitalization and transitioning to sustainable lifestyles and infrastructure.
(5) Collaboration with stakeholders in emerging economies