Asia‐Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (AP‐PLAT) Capacity Development Programme

AP-PLAT Workshop Report

The Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (AP-PLAT), launched at the G20 Energy and Environment Ministerial Meeting held in June 2019 in Karuizawa, Nagano, aims to provide an enabling environment for climate-risk informed decision-making and practical adaptation action through collaboration with partners, including national and local governments, international organisations, universities, and research institutes. To implement a system leading to the realisation and promotion of climate change adaptation activities in the Asia-Pacific region, AP-PLAT is establishing three core pillars of activities: 1) developing scientific knowledge and information related to climate change impacts in the region; 2) providing support tools for stakeholders engaged in adaptation policymaking; and 3) providing capacity building activities on adaptation policy formulation and its implementation.

For achieving the goal as mentioned above, while all three pillars are significant, capacity building is an essential key action. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) would like to focus on this third program (Capacity Development Program) while coordinating with the other pillars.  The capacity-building program is being designed as a network activity of institutions which deal with adaptation issues in the Asia-Pacific region, based on their voluntary participation. The program also intends to build on existing capacity-building activities of the partner institutions and provide opportunities for collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. 

For further development of the AP-PLAT Capacity Development Program, IGES will organize a half-day workshop to discuss the activity plan and institutional arrangements for the network’s implementation among all concerned stakeholders based on an analysis of existing capacity building activities of the prospective partners.