The State of Agricultural Land Transformations in Asia: Drivers, Trade-Offs, and Solutions

Sustainability in Natural Resources Management and Land Planning所収
Chapter: 11
Agricultural Land Transformations

This chapter identifies significant transformations in agricultural land in terms of land use and land-use changes, analyses major drivers and trade-offs, and describes substantial policy interventions to arrest negative trends. The rapidly growing population and their needs constitute one of the significant drivers of land-use changes in the Asia region. Intensive farming practices have put pressure on ecosystems leading to declining total factor productivity, land degradation, soil erosion, loss of soil fertility, and GHG emissions. Policy measures to address unsustainable land transformations have been minimal, and countries are yet to be successful in halting negative trends. Through coordinated land management and integrated land decision support systems, governments can address food-fuel conflicts, stop negative environmental consequences, and enhance rural prosperity.