Policy Dialogue and Network Building of Multi- Stakeholders on Integrated Domestic Wastewater Management in ASEAN Countries (PoDIWM)- FINAL REPORT: A CASE STUDY IN VIETNAM

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This Final Commission Report was prepared for the National Institute for Environmental Studies as part of the outputs for the PoDIWM Project on "POLICY DIALOGUE & NETWORK BUILDING OF MULTI‐STAKEHOLDERS ON INTEGRATED DECENTRALIZED DOMESTIC WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT IN ASEAN COUNTRIES" led by NIES. IGES Team works as an international consultant for the project, which was led by Dr. Pham Ngoc Bao, with the supports and inputs from the local consultant team contracted by IGES in Vietnam, led by Assoc. Prof. Tran Thi Viet Nga – Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering, National University of Civil Engineering (Vietnam).