Russia Country Report 2002/2003

Russia Country Report 2002/2003

The aim of this interim country report is to disseminate the results of the activities from the second fiscal year of the second phase, on the Russian Far East, and to provide the basis for discussions on developing guidelines and recommendations for participatory forest management.

Under the former USSR, local people were separated from forest management, and this structure has continued until now. It is generally accepted that to achieve sustainable forest management, participatory approaches should be introduced. However, so far, virtually no research on the social and economic structure of the community and no attitude surveys of community people toward forest management have been conducted. Also, preservation and development of the rights for the traditional use of indigenous minority peoples are one of the important issues for public participation in forest management in Russia. In this sense, this year's study is quite innovative and we believe it provides the basis for discussion to make recommendations for participatory management in this region.