Indicators for Characterizing Transboundary Climate Risks (TBRs) to Strengthen Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Event: Suishinhi Advisory Committee Meeting
Date: 10/12/2021 Tokyo, Japan
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The climate impacts at one place are increasingly been felt at a distance as the world is integrated in several ways. The official development assistance (ODA) has been one of the major influencers of development decisions made by developing countries. Over the years, several development projects have been implemented that are supported by ODA and there is limited information on the extent to which these investments have addressed the transboundary risks. Though countries want to reduce their dependency on ODA, the ODA will continue to play a significant role in the development of recipient countries in the near future. This necessitates relooking at the past ODA projects and policies to evaluate the extent to which they may have influenced the transboundary risks at various levels so that the design and implementation of ODA projects can be improved. This presentation provides an initial understanding of the research carried out by the project team on the subject of transboundary risks and how they are influenced by ODA projects and policies.