Extracting Fine Land Cover Information From WorldView-2 Imagery to Monitor Rooftop Greening

Volume (Issue): 32 (3)

Although greenery in urban areas has many functions, such as mitigation of the urban heat island effect, and reduction of rainfall-induced surface runoff, it is difficult to secure the space required to plant trees in cities, which are crowded with buildings. Therefore, rooftop greening has attracted attention and many cities are adopting and promoting this practice. However, the rise in the number and area of green roof has not resulted in an increase in the total area of urban green cover. In this study, we attempt to elucidate the detailed current status of central part of Nagoya using WorldView-2 images to obtain land cover information and extract the area under rooftop greening. We then analyze this status of rooftop greening according to zoning and building usage, and suggest methods to increase the urban green cover.