SCP Policy Design for Socio-technical System Change: Envisioning-based Policy Making (EnBPM)

Global Environmental Research所収
Volume (Issue): Vol.25 No.1 and 2

The focus of SCP policy has shifted from management of environmental pollution to wider socio-technical change including infrastructure, lifestyles and business models that are sustainable over decades. This paper first examines the expansion of the SCP policy domain through changes in focus of the following two aspects; product lifecycle policy and policy for changes in provision systems. The authors call for limiting lifecycle-based policy approaches to those that address a socio-technical transition to sustainability. They argue that transition-oriented SCP policy design proposed as envisioning-based policymaking (EnBPM) requires a new approach based on envisioning, social experimentation, a new indicator system to monitor the progress of transition, and development of a new business model. In doing so, they further develop the case for EnPBM and the present direction of potential policy research for developing EnBPM as a policy design approach.