SCP Policy Design and Post Glasgow COP26

Event: 2021 International Conference on Cleaner Production and Sustainability
Date: December 12-13, 2021

Paris agreement should not be seen as just one policy process But,in more wider changes in policy landscape on sustainability.

Since 2015, we see mainstreaming of very ambitious sustainability goals such as decarbonization by the end of century in the Paris Agreement, marine plastic-free society by 2050 in G20’s Osaka Blue Ocean Vision, or sustainable life within planetary boundaries in SDGs. These targets and goals are aiming at absolute reduction in unsustainable resource use and requires fundamental transformation in lifestyle, infrastructure and business models. We need to consider innovative ways to improve societal well-being within the limits of planetary boundaries. Also, we need to consider evaluating policy effectiveness not only from conventional harmonization of environment and economy but from the point of changes in lifestyles, social integrity, and well-being.