Towards ASEAN Resource Panel: Needs for Capacity Enhancement for Policy Coordination and Harmonization for Circular Economy and Society

Event: Expert group meeting on establishing the ASEAN Resources Panel
Date: December 18-19 (Bangkok)

As a follow-up to the 30th Meeting of ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment last July, UNSCAP and ASEAN organized Expert Group Meeting
on establishing the ASEAN Resources Panel on 18-19 December, at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok.

The recommendation to establish this panel has been featured in the report “Complementarities between the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: A Framework for Action” which has been contributed by IGES. As envisioned in the report, the objective of the ASEAN Resources Panel is to provide continuous review of environmental and natural resource trends, providing a robust evidence base upon which can design and implement environmental policies. The ASEAN Resources Panel will be expected to consist of national and regional scientists, experts, practitioners and government representatives. 

IGES contributed as one of the initial concepts on how this panel can be organized and contributed to circular economy agenda in the region.