Financing and Governing Adaptation and Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction

IGES Briefing Notes on the Post-2012 Climate Regime

This Briefing Notes suggests that adaptation costs are going to be huge in Asia as elsewhere. Hence, a mix of pubic and private funding is to be promoted in the future climate regime. The negotiations should aim at achieving additional and sustainable finances for adaptation with developing countries having larger stakes in its management and ownership. Negotiations should also make progress in establishing a coherent all inclusive adaptation governance framework linking all vulnerable regions. Differentiation among developing countries is a possible scenario and could have favorable results in the future adaptation framework. There is a need to take forward negotiations on this front. Risk insurance in developing countries could be quite costly due to the insufficient risk mitigation mechanisms. The future climate regime should promote proposals with a combination of risk mitigation and risk transfer.


List of the IGES Briefing Notes on the Post-2012 Climate Regime series: