Technological Implications of the Clean Development Mechanism for the Power Sector in Three Asian Countries

IRES Vol.5 No.1所収

This paper analyzes the role of some key technological options (i.e., fuel-switching and renewable energy technologies) available under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the power sector of three Asian countries?Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. A long-term electricity planning model is used with the aim of minimizing the total net cost of certified emission reduction (CER) benefits from these countries’ power sector during 2006 to 2025. The results show that cleaner thermal power generation technologies involving fuel-switching from coal to gas or oil would be the main source of carbon dioxide (CO 2) reduction not only at the presently prevailing CER prices but also at significantly higher prices. The CDM potential of most renewable energy technologies is found to be weak during the study period at prevailing CER prices.

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Ram M. Shrestha