Guideline Development on Anaerobic Digestion for MSWM


Organic waste presents a significant portion of MSW compositions in many cities. The proper treatment of organic waste is therefore an important concern, particularly in low and middle-income countries. Biological treatment methods are widely accepted as a technical option to get the full advantage of organic waste as a resource. The most popular treatment options for the biological fraction of MSW are either aerobic treatment such as composting or anaerobic treatment such as fermentation or anaerobic digestion (AD). Considering the demand and some advantages of applying AD method in MSW, this paper aims to present a framework for the development of a guideline for policymakers and implementers to be able to anticipate and manage risks as well as planning related matters when they consider implementing AD technology for waste management. The guideline development is based on literature reviews, focus group discussions with practitioners and stakeholders, and some field visits. In the guideline, we present the key elements, technical planning steps, sustainability aspects, and case studies from various countries.

Hadi Pandyaswargo