Exploring the Gaps and Potential for Strengthening Urban–Rural Linkages in Hoi An City, Vietnam

Environment and Urbanization ASIA所収
Volume (Issue): 14 (2)

This study evaluates the gaps between urban and rural linkages within the corridor of Hoi An city and suggests potential solutions utilizing the circulating and ecological sphere principles for further strengthening these linkages and gradually promoting sustainable development of the city and surrounding area. A face-to-face interview method and an Origin 2018-based analysis were utilized to analyse the gaps between urban and rural linkages. Results were represented by ArcGIS 10.3 with a line diagram. The identified obstacles were (a) unequal distribution of human resources and income gaps, (b) poor basic and economic infrastructures, (c) a lack of interest in the agricultural sector and (d) the absence of corresponding policies. The suggested solutions were effective decentralization, raising investment for basic and economic infrastructures and sustainable agricultural systems, including tourism, value-added chain of network building and more focused and effective corresponding policies. This study also recommends optimizing synergies as well as reducing trade-offs between the proposed approach and the Sustainable Development Goals.